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Custom Stained Glass Windows
  Stained Glass Fabrication  
The fabrication of stained glass windows has changed little over the centuries. It requires artistic sensitivity and attention to detail. After the design has been determined (see the COMMISSION PROCESS) the normal steps in the fabrication are:

  • Layout of the exact sizes of the window
  • Drawing of the full-size “cartoon” (working drawing as per design)
  • Selection of colored glass
  • Cutting of glass
  • Glass Painting or (staining of glass) according to the design
  • Leading or glazing - putting lead came (strips of lead) around each piece of glass
  • Soldering each joint where one lead came meets another
  • Cementing - filling all the spaces between the glass and lead, with putty, on both sides of the window. This was originally done to keep the windows weather tight but it also makes the leaded glass sections more rigid and keeps the glass from moving in the lead channel.
  • Final cleaning and installation

Installation at Kew Beach United
  Glass Painting
Glass Painting is a specialized technique - like oil or watercolor painting, it requires a practiced hand.

This technique allows us to add line and shading details to the colored glass in contemporary windows as well as create traditional figure windows and restore painted windows.

After the glass is painted, it is kiln fired so that the paint is permanently fused to the surface of the glass.

  Stained Glass Restoration

While many of the same fabrication steps are required in the restoration of stained glass, good restoration can be technically (in glass painting, fabrication and installation) more demanding in than making new windows.

On site assessment is needed to evaluate the kind and amount of restoration required.

  Stained Glass Materials
While there are different types of glasses available, we encourage the use of mouth blown “antique” glass because of its richness and the palette of colors it offers.

Quality is very important to us. We take great care in all aspects of the fabrication to ensure that our windows are well crafted and structurally sound.
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Studio Address:
1 Leonard Circle, Toronto, Ont. Canada
Tel: (416) 690-0031
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