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OBATA STUDIOS: Custom Stained Glass Windows - Toronto - Ontario - Canada. Creative design & fabrication for church, synagogue, public & residential spaces - stained glass gurus Sue Obata, Stan Marusic offer custom designed, site specific, stained, leaded, architectural windows - ecclesiastical, public art, residential and autonomous artwork (craftsmanship since 1981): Art Glass, Stained Glass Artist, Liturgical Art, Architectural Glass, Designer, Decorative Windows, Public Art Artist, Custom Designed Windows, Glass Artist - See: stanedglass stainedglass stainedglass design studios windows art artglass toronto artglass designing & fabrication custom designed windows painting glass obata studios obata church windows leaded windows, and more.

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This page is devoted to personal artwork, some of which has been included in exhibitions at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, the Mary Black Gallery in Halifax, the Ontario Crafts Council, as well as Toronto and Germany.

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"Carpe Diem"

Private collection, Germany


"vessel verisimiltude"
Private collection,

Private collection,

"Celestial Ruminations"
Private collection,



"Mikado I"

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