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Custom Stained Glass Windows
  Ordering Custom Stained Glass  
The art of stained glass begins with the design. We believe good design will:

  • Be original and creative

  • Consider the space – its purpose and whom it serves

  • Consider the architectures & interior design of the site

  • Enhance the atmosphere and quality of light in the environment
  Costs for Custom Stained Glass
When possible we begin with a site visit and discussions with the client at which time we can also show you more of our work. Based on these discussions and the criteria above, a unique design is created for each client. Once the design is approved, the stained glass is carefully handcrafted (see FABRICATION) and installed.

Pricing: A site visit is also the best way for us to assess the conditions - which would affect the design, fabrication and installation of the window. However, if it's not possible, the following is the kind of information that we are looking for:

St. Andrew’s
Presbyterian Church Newmarket, Ontario
  • Size of window

  • Location of window

  • Architectural details

  • Description of interior, including other windows

If you would like more information, e-mail or write to us, and we would be pleased to arrange a meeting, have a discussion by telephone, or to send you a brochure. Our brochure includes a list of places where our work has been installed.
For Stained Glass RESTORATION - Or email /call (address below)

Thank you for visiting our site. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Studio Address:
1 Leonard Circle, Toronto, Ont. Canada
Tel: (416) 690-0031
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Custom Stained Glass Windows ---Creative design & windows fabrication for church windows, synagogue windows, stained glass windows public & stained glass windows residential spaces. Custom designed windows, site specific windows, leaded windows, architectural glass windows - ecclesiastical stained windows, spublic art, residential windows and autonomous artwork (quality craftsmanship since 1981) - Master Stained Glass Windows Fabricators: Sue Obata, and Stan Marusic. See: christian windows, jewish windows, muslim windows, buddist windows, rose, art, stainedglass windows, and more.
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